What is Language Panda?
Language Panda is a searchable database of digital instructional materials for the teaching of a variety of foreign languages. The content of this database is user-provided, meaning that it is designed by FL instructors for other FL instructors. Language Panda is also a community where instructors can work together to improve and create pedagogical resources.
Who is Language Panda?

Language Panda is a collaborative project run by scholars, instructors, and graduate student fellows at the Center for Second Language Studies at Vanderbilt University. For more information, please see THE CREATORS.

Who can use Language Panda?
Language Panda is designed for instructors of all levels including: elementary and high school teachers, community college instructors, graduate teaching assistants, lecturers, language program directors, professors, and instructors at private language learning institutions.
What kinds of materials can I find on Language Panda?
You will find contributor-designed instructional materials that utilize online or other digital resources to teach foreign languages at a variety of levels.
Do you have to have university affiliation to use Language Panda?
No. Instructors of all kinds are welcome.
Is there a charge to use Language Panda?
What if I prefer to remain anonymous?
Language Panda will not provide your contact info to any other user unless you explicitly permit us to do so (and we will never sell it). We will not contact you unless there is a question regarding your uploaded materials.
May I upload someone else’s materials?
Please upload materials from other instructors only if the creator has given you permission to upload their materials – and under their name!
Can I alter my materials once they have been uploaded?
Absolutely. Please send us your updated materials to CSLS@vanderbilt.edu.
I found materials I created on Language Panda, but I did not upload them. What can I do?
Please contact us at CSLS@vanderbilt.edu. We can remove your materials or credit you properly with their creation.
Why can’t I see my upload immediately?
For a variety of reasons, all uploads are vetted by our team before posting and this may take a few days.
How do I search materials?
For the best ways to search our database, please have a look at our tutorial section here.
What languages are currently available on Language Panda?

Right now we offer materials in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese. As our community grows, we hope to offer even more languages.

What platforms do the materials use?
Materials may simply be based on a specific website, an app, an online game, or exercises involving particular tools such as Google Earth, Instagram, or Twitter.
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