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The production and preservation of online records have exponentially increased in the last twenty years due to promising accessibility and resistance that the virtual world provides against physical degradation. Social media, digital collections, and even general websites have attracted attention from parts of the globe with internet access. How may we, as educators, actualize language learning by having students be curators of their own digital platform in the target language? In what ways can we instigate learners to distribute knowledge to diverse audiences?

Novice (low, mid, high)

Inspired by real estate television shows like House Hunters International, students use the houses listed on authentic real estate websites to select a house that fits within their budget, space, and style requirements. As students practice house vocabulary, they are also learning about typical housing styles in another country.

Novice (low, mid, high)

This is a writing exercise for a novice German class focussing on writing a fictional personal ad. The exercise is built around the tool PADLET which allows students to share their writing in real time with their classmates. This project comes with a video that talks about the advantages of this exercise but it also points out what instructors need to be aware of. An additional tutorial that shows you how to set up PADLET is added as a link.

Intermediate (low, mid, high)

"Gesundheit" is designed for students on short-term study abroad in Germany to learn about practical and cultural aspects of the German healthcare system. The project includes short explanatory texts, vocabulary, links to videos, and worksheets, all found on the website, as well as instructions for study abroad leaders.

Novice (low, mid, high)

UTELLSTORY: Tell me about your travel experiences!

The project uses Utellstory.com as its main creative tool in order to enhance learning.
It consists of several speaking and writing activities centered around the "travel theme". It is intended for students in their second semester of first-year French or at the novice-mid level on the ACTFL proficiency benchmark. It is created based on a multiliteracies pedagogical approach.

UtellStory is a multimedia storytelling and sharing community where one can easily create and share stories with audios, images, videos, and words.