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Edpuzzle video quizzes
Melanie Forehand
Vanderbilt University
August 30, 2018
All Language Levels
Less than one class period
No Costs Involved

When teaching my introduction course, I like to incorporate authentic materials such as news and informational videos. These videos can be challenging for novice learners, so in line with best practices, I play the videos more than one time and ask comprehension questions to spot check for understanding. It can be difficult, however, for students to recall details after viewing the entire video, so it is necessary to start and stop multiple times. Edpuzzle addresses this issue by allowing instructors to embed questions into the video.

With this activity, I use the website to embed comprehension questions within a cultural video. As an instructor, you may incorporate either multiple-choice or short-answer questions at any point in the video. This allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the basic concepts presented in the material.

After students have been introduced to the topic, I show the students the video from the original link from youtube. I find it useful to provide the original link to the video so that the students can first see the information uninterrupted. I then ask the students rewatch the video on the site. When they click on the video, it will begin to play and will automatically stop where I have embedded a question. Students need to respond before the website will continue playing the remaining content. If students are unsure of the answer, they may rewind the video and play it again.

To use, you will need to create a free account and register your information. Once you have registered, you can either search for pre-made videos or you can add your own by clicking on the blue “add content” button. If you have identified a video that you want to use, you click “duplicate” as you hover over the video. From there, you have the option to crop the video or add a quiz. To add a quiz, click on the green “quizzes” button. Start to play the video and when you want to add a question, click on the green question mark button. If you prefer to upload your own material, click “add content” and then upload video. Once the video is added, follow the same steps as above to create a quiz.

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