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Viewing & Speaking in Narrative Past Tense
Adrian deSilva
Vanderbilt University
December 11, 2018
Novice (low, mid, high)
One class period
No Costs Involved

The following information is copied from the teaching sequence (see "Uploads" for more information):

Thematic Focus: Erzählen und Kindheit: Narration and Childhood
Objectives: SWBAT (Students will be able to)
– Listen to, comprehend, and gather information from a German-language videotext
– Identify and analyze form in addition to content through guided questions
– Construct and narrate in German their own childhood experience using visual cues (but no script)
Marshell, “Was ich so machte und dachte in meiner Jugendzeit,” YouTube,
– Students are expected to have completed at least the first two sections of Auf Geht’s Unit 7 on narrative past tense; the first three would be ideal

During the class period, students will view the video a total of three times--once without sound, then twice with sound. They will begin by predicting and confirming content, and then they will move into post-viewing analytical discussion. The goal is to reinforce correct conjugation and use of verbs in the narrative past tense. As homework, students will create an image depicting an event from their childhood, and the next day in class they will deliver a spoken account of what transpired in the picture. The videotext will serve as the stylistic inspiration for this activity, but the final work will be their own. They will need to use the narrative past tense properly in their description (which should take no more than one minute of class time per student).

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Marshell, “Was ich so machte und dachte in meiner Jugendzeit,” YouTube,

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