Flipgrid for communication practice
Patrick Murphy
Vanderbilt University
February 19, 2019
All Language Levels
Less than one class period
No Costs Involved

Flipgrid is a fun website that gives students an opportunity to communicate and practice language outside of class. First you will need to create a grid and then subsequent topics for recordings. In order to create the grid and topic, you will need to create an educators account on flipgrid.com. Once you have created the grid and topic, you will need to give your students the unique code generated for them to access the grid and see the speaking prompt. Students will then be able to record video of themselves speaking on the given topic. You can have students reply to other videos on the grid and /or work in pairs or groups to record as well. The site offers a lot of fun elements with emojis, stickers and flair. My students have really enjoyed using it. There are also ways to give recorded feedback or written commentary as well. I use this site for participation outside of class. I review the videos on the grid and depending on the activity, I will have students meet with me to review their video individually or I will comment on common errors I am hearing with the class. This activity can be particularly useful and beneficial beneficial for students that have anxiety about speaking in class in front of the group. Additionally, It is also a useful tool for self reflection as students can go back and watch themselves speaking to catch errors and see their own progress speaking the TL.

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