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Novice (low, mid, high)

This in-class activity guides students through the process of planning an imaginary vacation in France, using the home exchange website Abritel. Students explore Abritel's various vacation housing options, including beachside cottages, chalets, or even rooms in private castles. Using a worksheet, students complete a variety of tasks, describing the location they chose, and imagining what they will do during their holiday.

Intermediate (low, mid, high)

This pre-reading activity uses the platform Voyant Tools to orient students to the vocabulary, tone, and style of literary text. Students generate data with the online program and then make informed inferences based on the most frequent words and the places in which the words appear in the text. With the attached worksheet, students define key terms in the literary work, group terms into characters, setting, and action terms, and then make data-based inferences about the plot and tone of the text.