Writing in Portuguese with Wikipedia
Tim Foster
West Texas A&M University
February 23, 2018
Intermediate (low, mid, high)
Multiple class sessions
Collaborative Tool
No Costs Involved

For this project, the class will be working collaboratively to create or significantly update a Wikipedia page in Portuguese. Each student will be responsible for individually authoring a section of the Wikipedia page, 400- 450 words, using at least three citations. Training and style guides will be consulted for proper Wikipedia formatting, tone, and content. In addition, each student will learn basic Wikipedia encoding and add their content to the Wikipedia page, creating a lasting final project that will be useful to Portuguese speakers in the future.

Students will be assessed on the following:
1. Grammar and content of Wikipedia section
2. Adequate progress with project steps, according to calendar
3. Teamwork and group participation in two in-class workshops

Tentative Calendar

Week 1 Homework:
• Register for Wikipedia account
• Participate in Student Training.
• Look through Portuguese pages. Come up with at least 1 idea of a page in Portuguese that needs creation or expansion.

Week 1 In-class Discussion (15 minutes):
• Talk through training
• Decide on an article
• Assign sections of the article

Week 2 Homework:
• Read through some info about Portuguese
Wikipedia pages
• “O que é um artigo bom?” [“What is
a good article?”]
• Linguistic Differences: (only read first section)
• Find 3 sources, and cite using proper Wikipedia format. (sources can be in English) Start outlining article.

Week 2 In-Class Discussion (15 minutes)
• Talk through Portuguese Wikipedia – best
• Ensure validity of sources
• Ensure everyone has a clear idea of what to do in the coming week

Week 3 Homework:
• Write section in word processor. 400-450

Week 3 In-class Workshop (50 minutes):
• Peer editing of grammar and content of
• Email to Instructor for grading

Week 4 Homework:
• Make grammar edits to article.
• Encode article in Wikipedia format, choose
pictures, etc.

Week 4 In-class Discussion (15 minutes):
• Edit, troubleshoot code
• Last-minute coding questions

Final In-class Workshop (50 minutes):
• Upload sections, assemble page
• Polish final edits
• Create tables, other extra features

Copyright & Credit

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