UTELLSTORY: Tell me about your travel experiences!
Nathalie Porter
Bryant White
Vanderbilt University
December 14, 2018
Novice (low, mid, high)
One class period
Creative Tool
No Costs Involved

UTELLSTORY: Tell me about your travel experiences!

This project consists of reading, speaking and writing activities centered around the theme of "travel". It is intended for students in their second semester of first-year French or students at the novice-mid level on the ACTFL proficiency benchmark.
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It is created based on a multiliteracies pedagogical approach.

The initial part of the activity is based on one infographic comparing young adults' traveling habits in 1976 to contemporary ones.
Students analyze and discuss this infographic illustrating the vacation habits of young people 40 years ago compared to now. They also read a short text explaining the infographic.
Subsequently, students create their own story using the digital tool "Utellstory". Thanks to this digital tool, learners creatively practice their oral and writing skills in the target language.
As a follow-up activity, learners present their stories to their colleagues.
They also have the opportunity to write an email to a friend in which they describe their vacations.

All of the activities are described in the students' worksheet.

ACTFL communication modes activated:
Interpretive, interpersonal and presentational.

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