Story boards of preterite tense
Melanie Forehand
Andre Ramos Chacon
Vanderbilt University
February 11, 2019
Novice (low, mid, high)
One class period
No Costs Involved

Before class activities:
- Ask students to review the past tense. Ask students to think on the purposes of using the past tense.
In class:
- Ask students to work in pairs: one student tells the story of activities that they did during a vacation using pretérito verbs. The other student takes notes on the vacation story and then expands on the story by introducing additional information such as new people, events, problems, etc.). The first student takes notes on the additions made to the story. Remind students to use pretérito verbs when narrating a sequence of completed events in stories.

Homework: Story board on vacations using
- Ask students to use their notes to write 10 sentences in the preterite about their vacation story using the travel vocabulary from the day's lesson. Students then use the story that they created with their partner during class to make a storyboard of their vacation story using They should include 3 to 5 panels that show where they went and what they did. Remind students to use the pretérito for a sequence of past events. Students may save their storyboards on the site or take a screenshot and upload their image to the Learning Management System.

Next class:
-Have students list the 10 verbs that they used in their story. To
practice presentational speech, have students narrate their storyboards for the class using their list of verbs.

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