Kate Schaller
Vanderbilt University
February 20, 2019
Intermediate (low, mid, high)
Multiple class sessions
No Costs Involved

"Gesundheit" is designed for students on short-term study abroad programs in Germany to learn about the practical and cultural aspects of the German healthcare system. While the website is specifically designed for Michigan State University's Mayen summer study abroad program (a six-week homestay program in the small city of Mayen, Rhineland-Palatinate), the content can easily be adapted for other programs and contexts. The section "Where to Seek Treatment" is meant as the most practical information for students, should they need medical treatment while they are abroad; it provides them with useful vocabulary, sample dialogues, as well as descriptions of the main centers of treatment they may encounter while in Germany. The other sections on the website, "Health in Germany" and "History of German Medicine", provide entry points into the aspects of German health tied to culture, and can be further explored through the "Kontaktaufgaben" worksheets found at the bottom of each page.

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