Artistic Chinese characters design
Xinle Hong
Brian Bernstein
Teaching and Learning Department, Vanderbilt University
March 14, 2019
Intermediate (low, mid, high)
Multiple class sessions
Website and App
No Costs Involved

The activity designed based on these pictures is as follows:
1. With the online interactive map of China, teachers explain every part of each logo using pictures below each logo to explain. Each logo is formed drawing the feature buildings or cultural heritage of each city (for example, the logo of Beijing is the forbidden city and the Peking opera face combined.)
2. Teacher shows other pictures and videos to introduce more information about each city using the interactive map.
3. Specific cities are given to groups of students to prepare presentations on them following the teacher’s model.
4. Teachers can use Quizlet to test the students’ knowledge of these cities and their corresponding characters

There are altogether about 50 city name and province name logos designed by Shi. Teachers can assign students to do a presentation on different cities (including guessing the city names from the designed logos introduce the featured buildings or cultural heritage to make associations with the real characters and then introduce other features of the cities).

* The link to the interactive map as well as the google drive with the picture materials can be found in the link section on the left.

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