House Hunting
Melanie Forehand
Vanderbilt University
March 14, 2019
Novice (low, mid, high)
One class period
No Costs Involved

This lesson focuses on helping students to practice housing vocabulary while engaging with an authentic cultural text. This allows students to use their language skills and to think critically about housing styles in Mexico versus housing styles in the United States.
After introducing the vocabulary terms, instructors should show students a series of houses and ask them to describe elements such as color, type of rooms, and furnishings. This allows students to gain familiarity with the vocabulary before they apply it to an activity. Next, the instructor distributes a worksheet that provides students with the instructions for accessing a Mexican real estate website, describes the budget that the students will have for selecting their house, and includes spaces for the students to describe the price, size and characteristics of their house. Students then compare the house they have selected with their own home. Finally, students write their own advertisement for a house that mirrors the advertisements they saw on the site.

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