Virtual Reality Running with the Bulls
Patrick Murphy
Vanderbilt University
March 20, 2019
Less than one class period
iPhone or Android App
Costs Involved

The goal of this activity is to give students an immersive experience related to a cultural event that we are studying in class. In this case, we are studying Spain and Spanish culture and specifically the festival of San Fermín. I start the activity with background information on the festival itself. I give them questions (attached) that allow them to study and learn about the event and to make personal connections with a similar event they may be familiar with. After they have done the previewing questions, they will be ready to run with the bulls (virtually). First, they will need a google cardboard viewer. These are available for purchase for $10-15. Students will also need a smartphone with the google cardboard application downloaded on the phone. Next, they will go to the video link from to watch the video in VR. I will ask that students watch the video for one minute and thirty seconds after which they will answer the follow up questions with a a partner in Spanish. The post viewing questions are related to what they saw, what things looked like, what they did, and if they would like to participate in the future. The review questions can be excellent speaking practice for past tense and vocabulary related to describing. Additionally, it is an excellent way to study Spanish culture and specifically this cultural event. My students have really enjoyed the VR experience, and I hope to expand on this type of activity in the future.

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This project was inspired by Dr. Lynn Ramey Vanderbilt University

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