Digital Dig Days - "3D"
Patrick Murphy
Vanderbilt University
April 16, 2019
All Language Levels
One class period
Collaborative Tool
Costs Involved

This is a presentation that demonstrates how to create an environment for students to collaboratively explore, consume, and create language and to connect with world cultures using a variety of digital tools. These class days are specifically designed for hands on training with technology and language. With this model, students are consumers and producers of digital content. Additionally, these days are consistent with course goals and learning objectives that can be modified and adapted to other languages across any level. The Language Panda is an excellent resource for additional digital projects that will support these Digital Dig Days or "3D's". Please take a few moments to hear the presentation as well as to review the slides and examples given in order to see how this can be executed and then modified to fit the needs of your course.

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