Curating Language Learning Using Omeka
Fernando Varela
Vanderbilt University
March 20, 2020
All Language Levels
Semester or year-long
No Costs Involved

For this project, we will use a free, open-source content management system named Omeka – a platform useful not only for digital collections, but also language learning. A web application centered on the exhibition of cultural heritage, we will use Omeka as a metalinguistic, semester-long exercise in TL. Students will digitally curate a series of images related to one of three major areas of concern: public health, social justice, and the environment.

How a student decides to frame the collection will be based on individual interests. A student majoring in economics and public health may, for example, create a collection of important graphs explaining low-income patient satisfaction in certain Lusophone countries. Another student majoring in environmental science may showcase a series of images and descriptions of ecosystems currently experiencing major deforestations and wildfire. A student interested in migration may showcase an exhibition on the treatment of refugees in a Portuguese-speaking country. This project aims to foster awareness on the ethics and aesthetics of language learning through extended revisions, curating methods, and interdisciplinary critical thinking. Students will be provided with detailed, two-part instructions created by Miriam Posner on how to create an Omeka website. Posner is currently Assistant Professor of Information studies and Digital Humanities at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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